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Intelligent lighting solutions

Light is the beginning of life and we believe that it can also help to reborn any space. In order to achieve the best possible result, our clients receive all-inclusive approach, starting with industry expert consultations and ending up with lighting solution elaboration at any difficulty level.


Current lighting audit

We thoroughly examine the condition of existing lighting and define its compliance with the client needs and normative documentation requirements. We offer meticulous analysis on light’s consuming power, efficiency and options to improve those numbers.

Light calculations in DIALUX

Within the interior and exterior lighting planning we carry out full light calculation and visualization in DIALUX.

Elaboration and implementation of project

Our team prepares detailed technical information on required lighting systems and their locations. After lighting design completion, we provide fast and convenient delivery and assembly if needed.

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Exquisite tile design

Tile coverage combines aesthetic enjoyment and irreplaceable functionality during exploitation. It also gives a lot of freedom, when it comes to design and facture possibilities, creating lasting aftertaste of coziness and elegant luxury.  

Individual tile pattern

We elaborate the most suitable tile design for your unique interior, that will emphasize what’s needed and maintain a lasting impression of the space.

Elaboration of technical solutions

In compliance with functionality and exploitation requirements, we elaborate the most applicable solution for your particular situation.

Professional consultations

We are beyond proud that when it comes to specific technical matters and innovative solutions our rich experience is valuable contribution to architects, developers and clients.


Technical competence

Our broad experience and deep knowledges help to offer the most effective solutions in terms of execution quality and price. Architectors appreciate our level of technical competence and know-how when implementing the most arduous ideas.

Sustainable solutions

Responsible and conscientious approach to every aspect of the project is the key to high-quality result that meets the needs of every part and respects interests of environment.

Redesign of solutions

We carry out redesign and elaboration of already completed project solutions that are aimed to improve required characteristics and reach their maximum potential.

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